About Us

PranaConnect is a service that provides Pranic Healers with information and connections to the Business Development Accelerator Program for Pranic Healers and the American Pranic Healing Association.  Our dedicated volunteers offer assistance via a self-serve knowledge base, chat, and email channels.

Our team is focused on helping you to connect with the information and resources you need to pursue a professional career in Pranic Healing.  We endeavour to deliver an informative and supportive service on first point of contact that exceeds your expectations.

For clarity, PranaConnect does not:

  • Teach, train or certify Pranic Healers
  • Provide opinions about any programs, services, instructors, or healers
  • Receive commissions of any kind
  • Favor one organization over another
  • Compete with the organizations we serve

We believe that, together, we have a large scope for engagement of the Pranic Healing community for participation, involvement, professional skills development, nurturing, and service.   Our work also attracts and engages the public outside of Pranic Healing, ultimately towards inclusion, compassion and healing for our society.

We humbly offer our service to help GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui to spread the work of his teacher, Lord Bodhisattva Mei Ling.

With love,

The PranaConnect Team