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Welcome to Prana Connect

Your Partner in Pranic Healing Business Success

Prana Connect

Prana Connect is your committed ally in your journey to becoming a professional Pranic Healer, helping you turn your practice into a profession.

This innovative platform, set to launch soon, is designed to empower Pranic Healers on their journey to professional growth. It aims to provide resources, guidance, and a sense of community, helping practitioners transform their passion into a thriving business.

Our mission is to support Healers in reaching their potential by offering business-focused resources and a network of like-minded professionals. As a single point of contact information and service desk, we will make it easy for you to connect with the business skills and community resources you need.

The Business Training
Pranic Healing as a Profession

The cornerstone of Prana Connect is our exclusive business training program. Tailored specifically for Pranic Healers, it equips practitioners with the business acumen necessary to run a successful healing practice. The training is an ideal blend of business strategy and the nuances of Pranic Healing. It offers a step-by-step guide to setting up a professional practice, marketing your services, and managing your clients.

The Community
American Pranic Healing Association

The Association fosters a close-knit group of

Pranic Healers in the US. This network serves as a supportive community for practitioners to share experiences, exchange insights, and encourage each other on their respective journeys. It's an environment of mutual growth and support, strengthening the US community of Pranic Healers. The Association serves as a hub for healers seeking to connect and grow with their peers.

Backed by an Amazing Team

Led by Master Glenn

Prana Connect is led by Master Glenn, a senior disciple to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. His expertise, along with a team of dedicated Pranic Healers, fuels Prana Connect's commitment to support your professional journey. Our team provides the resources you need to transform your healing passion into a thriving profession.

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Prana Connect aims to address the challenges faced by Pranic Healers in their professional journey. By being part of our waitlist, you'll be gearing up to conquer these challenges, opening doors to more opportunities and growth.

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  • Finding a supportive community
  • Networking with your peers
  • Making new friends
  • Continuous learning and professional growth
  • And much more!

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